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4s3 Heat Sealer

Supported Features: SealerService

Manufacturer: 4titude Ltd.

SiLA version: compliant driver

Supplied by: 4titude Ltd.

Availability: Released

Price: please enquire

Technical Data

Weight: 9kg
Dimensions: H 310 x D 275 x W 181
Voltage: 110/230V
Power: 300W
Sealing Temp.: 120-200°C

The 4s3™ has an RS-232 port to enable it to be integrated into most automated systems.

The following plate formats can be used with an appropriate holder:

SBS standard polypropylene & polystyrene plates & deepwell blocks
PCR plates including skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted formats


The 4s3 heat sealer is the first sheetwise automated sealer fully integrable in a robotic environment. As a consumable, 4titude developed a seal mounted into a robust frame which allows robotic handling and positioning onto labware consumables like PCR plates, deepwell or storage plates, ELISA plates etc.

This is to date the most cost-effective solution for heat sealing in an automated Environment for medium or lower throughput. It also gives a minimal footprint and space consumption on robotic decks which makes the 4s3 also very suitable as an OEM component of a dedicated system plug and play connected from SiLA compatible components.

The SiLA compatible driver to the Instrument is available through Fraunhofer IPA. Using the 15 varieties of sealing materials, all kinds of different workflows can be realized with the help of 4s3, always maintaining the highest sealing quality and reproducibility which is the main reason to decide for heat sealing.