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AIM Scheduling Framework

Supported Features: PMSService

Manufacturer: apartis Information Management

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: apartis Information Management

Price: upon request

Technical Data



apartis has nearly two decades’ experience designing and developing custom commercial system software for laboratory automation systems.  Many of these systems require software scheduling functionality and business logic to juggle flexible workflow definition and optimization of a myriad of laboratory devices such as liquid handling robots, heater/shakers, readers, etc.

apartis has been providing this functionality for many years and is excited to offer our scheduling software as both a standalone tool for individual laboratories and as a customizable software toolset for OEM or commercial customers who need scheduling functionality.

Our scheduling software is SiLA ( compliant and takes full advantage of SiLA’s open integration and data communication standards. The apartis Scheduler is a SiLA Universal Process Managements System. This software provides master control of all system devices. Any device that is SiLA compliant can be added to the Scheduler without programming and all device commands and attributes autopopulate. SiLA data communication standards are available as well as LIS/HIS/LIMS communications.

Scheduler framework features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Simulator mode (with time booster)
  • User Interface (can be defined for commercial sw)
  • Plug and Play SiLA device integration
  • Process Definition
  • Process Execution
  • Workflow Definition
  • Workflow Visualization
  • Scheduling
  • Exception Handling
  • Data Management and Data Storage
  • Part 11 Compliance
  • Audit Trail and Software Access
  • Platform and Extensibility

We are excited to offer this scheduling software toolset to our customers.  Our scheduling features and business logic are the result of years of workflow scheduling expertise and optimization.

Contact for detailed product information.