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infoteam SiLA Library

Device Class: Library

Manufacturer: infoteam Software AG

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: infoteam Software AG

Availability: Released

Release Date: available

Price: please ask for our license scheme

Technical Data

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SiLA library – compliance made easy

Have you got a system which is not yet SiLA-compliant and needs to be so as quickly and efficiently as possible?

infoteam is one of the first SiLA specialists to offer the implementation, verification and validation of SiLA-compliant software. The infoteam SiLA library is an open, cross-platform implementation of SiLA standards which can be used in laboratory automation devices and process management systems (PMSs).

The use of the SiLA provider library makes devices which are not compliant with SiLA compliant with SiLA efficiently. The provider library can either be integrated in the device firmware or on a SiLA converter box without any changes to the device firmware.Existing PMSs can be expanded with the assistance of the infoteam SiLA service consumer library to become SiLA-compliant service consumers.

The use of the SiLA library reduces the costs of the implementation, testing and maintenance of the SiLA standard functions. In addition, it ensures maintenance in accordance with the state of the art of the technology and offers regular updates taking the latest changes to the standard into consideration.

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