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infoteam SiLA PCS

Device Class: PMS

Manufacturer: infoteam Software AG

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: infoteam Software AG

Availability: Released

Release Date: available

Price: please contact us

Technical Data

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SiLA PCS – Control system for laboratory automation systems

Do you want to equip a system with a superordinate control function, but not require a powerful PMS/scheduler?

SiLA PCS is a SiLA-compliant process control system composed of two components: Engineering tools are used to project control functions, while a run-time system (PLC in software) takes on their running. The processing occurs on a laboratory automation device or on a superordinate control system, which makes it possible to coordinate a network of a complete system comprising numerous components, e.g., laboratory devices and handling systems. SiLA PCS is based on the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC control systems, which is established in industrial automation, and combines it with the SiLA standard for laboratory automation. In this way, SiLA PCS allows the separation of the automation systems into individually SiLA-compliant units (modules), which can be easily exchanged and replaced. All modules can be tested, validated and reused independently of each other.

The SiLA-compliant run-time system of SiLA PCS can be ported on any target platform, even embedded systems. It is modular, easy to configure and offers interfaces for visualisation and simulation.

SiLA PCS makes it possible to realise control functions for SiLA-compliant laboratory systems

  • flexibly
  • modularly
  • reliably
  • and therefore cost-efficiently.
SiLA PCS – Control system for laboratory automation systems

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