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Supported Features: ThermalCyclerController

Manufacturer: Fraunhofer IPA

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: Fraunhofer IPA

Availability: Released

Release Date: June 2016

Price: available upon request

Technical Data

– Temperature range between 120°C and -80°C

– Cooling rate -5°C/Min down to -40°C

– Based on SBS multi-well plate format (MWP/MTP)

– Homogeneous temperature distribution

– Bench-top device with interfaces for integration into labautomation solutions

– optional: Nitrogen-flushing capability

– ergonomic user interfaces, programmable temperature profiles

 – automation-compatible, dual use: manual and automated

– SiLA-interface



Put reliability and speed to your thermal stability tests of formulations. The LabFreezer device offers major advantages in stability testing with a total temperature range between 120° Celsius and -80° Celsius and cool-down rates of -5° Celsius per minute down to -40° Celsius. The device is based on the SBS multi-well plate format. The device is built as stand-alone bench-top device supporting integration into automated environments. Optionally, a Nitrogen-flushing capability can be integrated.

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