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Opera Phenix

Supported Features: ReaderService

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer

Availability: Interest present (Not yet under Development)


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    Technical Data

    PerkinElmer’s Opera® High Content Screening System continues to be the world’s most proven confocal microplate imaging solution for high throughput High Content Screening. Having served high content screeners for over 10 years, the Opera system has now been replaced by the new Opera Phenix™ High Content Screening System. Opera Phenix provides more speed and sensitivity than ever with its unique, crosstalk-minimizing Synchrony™ Optics, making it ideal for phenotypic screening and working with complex disease models.

    Known for its speed and breathtaking image quality, the Opera system now benefits from researcher-friendly analysis software that helps you turn image data into statistically relevant information more quickly than ever before. Versatile, scalable and easily automatable, the system is well-suited for both primary and secondary screening campaigns.


    Faster answers

    Ultra-fast image acquisition and powerful data processing capabilities translate into immediate results. Combine simultaneous and sequential imaging, acquire and analyze at the same time, and visualize data during acquisition.

    • Ultra-high speed, parallel multi-color data acquisition
    • High speed online image analysis powered by parallel computing and multi-core processors
    • Online image analysis capability
    • High throughput capability—over 100,000 image sets per day
    • Integrates seamlessly with PerkinElmer automation solutions for fully automated workflows with the cell::explorer™ Automation Platform and true 24/7 operation
    • Integrates with third party automation solutions, including plate handling, liquid handling, compound transfer, plate storage, incubation and washing