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Precise Flex PF-400

Supported Features: RobotService, SampleHandlerService

Manufacturer: Precise Automation

SiLA version: compliant driver

Supplied by: Credimex AG

Availability: Released

Technical Data


PreciseFlex Sample Handler

The PreciseFlex is a 4-axis sample handler that is ideal for benchtop applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements and safety are critical.

Optimized for Benchtop Life Science Applications

This low cost, quiet OEM mechanism is designed to optimize the cost, safety and performance of your workcell. The controller and harness are embedded within the sample handler’s structure. Combined with its space saving design, the PreciseFlex is able to service many stations in an extremely small workcell. Also, this sample handler includes safety features that disable motor power when a minimal, unexpected force is encountered, thus allowing the PF to operate without safety shields in benchtop applications.

Powerful Motion Control

The PF features a powerful embedded Guidance Vision-Guided Motion Controller. This controller offers unique free mode teaching aids and excellent capabilities for automatically generating elegant and reliable motion sequences. Its features permit you to program smooth straight line and arbitrarily complex paths by simply moving the sample handler by hand to start and end positions and letting the controller handle the rest. Combined with a simple, yet powerful programming language, kinematics for Cartesian motions and quiet, high performance servo motors, the PF reduces cycle times with the most efficient motions possible.