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Robotic Lab Assistant

Supported Features: RobotService

Manufacturer: Astech Projects Ltd.

Supplied by: Astech Projects Ltd.

Availability: Released

Release Date: Available

Price: By request

Technical Data

  • UR5 6-axis robotic arm
  • MiR100 autonomous mobile robot
  • Gripper with adaptive force-feedback
  • Integrated storage to carry multiple items
  • Total weight below 110kg
  • Compact dimensions: 890mm long by 580mm wide
  • 850mm reach allowing the robot to access e.g. laminar flow hoods
  • 8 hours running time with 80% recharge within 2 hours


Transport samples across multiple locations and run automated workflows even across different laboratories! Developed with Astech Projects, the robotic lab assistant allows for round-the-clock operation and maximum flexibility in automating the widest variety of tasks.

  • Flexibility. Build your own automation setups and change it as your application and priorities evolve
  • Transport across labs. Move consumables or samples from storage to preparation and analysis
  • Ready 24/7. Keep your lab running during off hours and break free from the 9-5 work routine
  • Accessibility. Affordable, easy to operate, deployed quickly and controlled from any device