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SiLA 2 Converter by UniteLabs

Supplied by: UniteLabs AG

Availability: Under Development

Release Date: Prototype available

Price: Per request

Technical Data

The Converter software runs on a Raspberry Pi model 3B
If you are interested in running the converter software on your enterprise-configured Windows computer, contact us. It’s a piece of a cake.


Get the real plug and play experience with our SiLA 2 Converter that brings your old instrument to the modern age! Control a dispenser, shaker, barcode reader etc. over wireless or wired network, using any SiLA 2 compatible control software (or try out our SiLA 2 Browser for free). The SiLA 2 Converter comes pre-loaded with the right drivers and connects your instrument into your network, ready to be discovered by SiLA 2 Clients when you hit the power button.

Installation instructions:

  1. Configure your WiFi credentials or plug in the Ethernet cable
  2. Plug one end to your electricity socket and the other one to your instrument (USB, RS232)
  3. That’s it! There’s no third step 🙂

See it working here:

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