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SOFIA – OpenSource SiLA Consumer

Supported Features: PMSService

Manufacturer: wega Informatik AG

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: wega Informatik

Availability: Released

Release Date: Apr-2015

Price: 0.00

Technical Data

What can SOFIA do?

  • Connect multiple SiLA-compliant lab devices and add them to your virtual lab.
  • Discover lab devices in your network (added from other registered users), and share your device to your trusted network.
  • Run Experiments by executing SiLA Commands (e.g. move labware with a robot, dispense a liquid) and get data (e.g. temperature, status, duration) from your lab devices. You can also share in real-time the results of the execution with other users in your network.


SOFIA is an open source, cross-platform project that was developed as a proof-of-concept for the SiLA core principles: the “Lab of the Future”, a rapid innovation ecosystem connecting devices and people, and exchanging knowledge. SOFIA facilitates the future open source development of more advanced functionalities of a SiLA PMS, such as a scheduler, workflow engine, etc. SOFIA could be potentially developed into an on-demand laboratory services hosted in the cloud, where users can run real-time experiments in remote labs across the globe.