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SPICE (SiLA Provider Implementation Community Equipment)

Supported Features: SilaLibraryProvider

Manufacturer: HSR-ILT

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: HSR-ILT

Availability: Released

Release Date: Available

Price: OpenSource

Technical Data



Do you want to sell a user-friendly device with a SiLA interface, such that the end user doesn’t have to install additional software (like a driver) just to connect the device to the network and start using it? Do you want to fully integrate the SiLA interface within your device yet avoid libraries written in C# which either don’t run on your embedded system or are associated with pricey licensing fees?

SPICE is your solution!

SPICE is an OpenSource-library publicized under the boost-license which allows unrestricted commercial use. SPICE provides all the basic parts for your SiLA interface, like the SOAP-communication, the SiLA-state-machine, the mandatory commands, the error handling, etc. All you have to do is implement your commands and the related actions!

For more information, visit the GitHub repository ( and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.