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Xavo Lab Logistics

Supported Features: PlateManagementController, SampleManagementController

Manufacturer: Xavo Systems AG

SiLA version: supported equipment

Supplied by: Xavo Systems AG

Availability: Released

Technical Data


Xavo Lab Logistics is the sample and plate management solution for laboratories. It’s designed to store and manage logistical data of HTS and Compound Storages and integrates with registration and analytics systems to show related information in a condensed and user-friendly way. Interfaces to devices and robotic platforms enable an automatic update of sample data like storage inventories or order and tracking information.

By supporting the SiLA Incubator driver the integration of laboratory equipment is as easy as it can be. But the users of XLL get the greatest benefit: they have one click access to all the inventory data of all SiLA compatible storages within Xavo Lab Logistics.

In addition Xavo Lab Logistics has a proof of concept of the upcoming SiLA PMS standard. SiLA PMS integration enables fast and automatic updates of order data replacing manual user file imports.

SiLA Incubator C72, Thermo Scientific Productive PDF
SiLA PMS niceLAB, Equicon Proof of Concept PDF