67 SiLA Products
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Multidrop driver (SiLA 2)

Control any Multidrop instrument (Titertek, Thermo, 96 or 384) over SiLA 2 and fill up your plates! Our SiLA 2 driver supports both the liquid handling as well as shaking properties of the instrument....Continue reading

QInstruments BioShake driver (SiLA 2)

Control your Qinstruments BioShake easily over SiLA 2. Integrate your shaker with your automation system or control it with your mobile phone using the SiLA 2 Browser! This driver provides accurate information on current device state. Temperature control is not...Continue reading

BioShake 3000/5000

A SiLA compliant driver for Shaker family BioShake 3000/5000 of QUANTIFOIL Instruments GmbH....Continue reading