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UniteLabs Connectivity Platform

UniteLabs is a connectivity platform for biotech companies. UniteLabs Connect is an integration layer that connects laboratory hard- & software systems across vendor barriers and enables seamless integration within minutes. With UniteLabs Automate, users can rapidly build and deploy custom...Continue reading

CyBio FeliX

SiLA 1.2 or 1.3 driver for calling a predifined Composer-Method. Handling the plate transport to and from the device by composer methods....Continue reading


Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset (Deft) is your first step onto the digitalisation ladder and big data. Aimed at the bench scientist, Deft provides the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations. https://www.appliedst.co.uk/deft  ...Continue reading

Robotic Lab Assistant

Transport samples across multiple locations and run automated workflows even across different laboratories! Developed with Astech Projects, the robotic lab assistant allows for round-the-clock operation and maximum flexibility in automating the widest variety of tasks. Flexibility. Build your own automation...Continue reading


The PHERAstar® FSX is the gold standard microplate reader for high-throughput screening, combining the best sensitivity with fast read times. The PHERAstar FSX is a filter-based multi-mode reader with the following detection modes: absorbance, fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET), fluorescence polarisation,...Continue reading


Get the real plug-and-play experience with the SiLABOX and bring your old instrument back to life: control a dispenser over a wireless network, using SiLA 2 compatible control software. The SiLA 2 Converter comes loaded with the right driver and...Continue reading

Barcode reader (SiLA 2)

Scan barcodes wirelessly over SiLA 2 connection and receive them to your mobile phone! With this scanner you can scan most 1D barcodes in fraction of a second. This solution comes with a microcontroller pre-instralled with the barcode reader driver...Continue reading

Brooks TubeMarker 2 driver (SiLA 2)

Print labels automatically on your sample tubes’ surface using our Brooks TubeMarker 2 driver. This driver is developed by UniteLabs and is for free by request. Gain full automatic control of your tube labeler with the new SiLA 2 standard....Continue reading

Waters LC/MS driver for AutoLynx (SiLA 2)

Control your Waters LC/MS instrument over SiLA 2, set up run parameters separately for each plate (including well coordinates to analyse) and retrieve the data automatically over SiLA 2. Automating LC/MS has not been this easy before! Now you can also use...Continue reading