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SPICE (SiLA Provider Implementation Community Equipment)

Do you want to sell a user-friendly device with a SiLA interface, such that the end user doesn’t have to install additional software (like a driver) just to connect the device to the network and start using it? Do you...Continue reading

infoteam SiLA Library

SiLA library – compliance made easy Have you got a system which is not yet SiLA-compliant and needs to be so as quickly and efficiently as possible? infoteam is one of the first SiLA specialists to offer the implementation, verification...Continue reading

CERTUS Nano Liquid Dispenser

The CERTUS Nano Liquid Dispenser sets new standards in flexibility and ease of use for complex assays in Life Science industry. Application areas are Assay Development, Primary and Secondary Screening, Genomics and proteomics research, Cell-based assays. The CERTUS is characterized...Continue reading