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Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset (Deft) is your first step onto the digitalisation ladder and big data. Aimed at the bench scientist, Deft provides the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations. https://www.appliedst.co.uk/deft  ...Continue reading

On-Deck-Thermal-Cycler ODTC(R) 96/384

inheco offers their On-Deck-Thermal-Cycler as an easily integrated, SiLA-compliant device for your thermal cycling, heating, and cooling needs.  Product data sheet is attached.  Benefits include: Dedicated on-deck cycler Top thermal performance Very fast runs Horizontal lid movement Ultra-compact design VCM(R)...Continue reading

a4S Automatic Heat Sealer

Our new a4S Automatic Heat Sealer provides a number of breakthrough advantages: – First fully electronic heat sealer, no need for pressurized air supply – SiLA compatible drivers, plug-and-play robotic integration possible – Unrivalled sealing performance and consistency – Unrivalled...Continue reading

GloMax Discover

The GloMax® Discover System is a high-performance multimode detection instrument developed with Promega reagent chemistries to provide a simple means of detecting advanced chemistries. This instrument provides researchers superior luminescence sensitivity and dynamic range for both strong and weak bioluminescence experimental...Continue reading

Precise Flex PF-400

PreciseFlex Sample Handler The PreciseFlex is a 4-axis sample handler that is ideal for benchtop applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements and safety are critical. Optimized for Benchtop Life Science Applications This low cost, quiet OEM mechanism is designed to...Continue reading

HEPA Filter Hood

The MICROLAB STAR HEPA Filter Hood provides positive pressure filtered air to the pipetting space within the STAR.  Form fitting hoods are available for all three sizes of the STAR.  Room air is drawn in from the top and forced...Continue reading

TX60 [CS8C] Driver

We are interested in the development of a Stäubli SiLA Driver for the CS8C controller. This controller is able to control a wide range of robots with many different payloads and different amount of axis.   Technical specifications Model CS8C...Continue reading

VARIOMAG® Teleshake

Thermo Scientific VARIOMAG® Teleshake offers a wear-free magnetic shaking system with powerful shaking movements from 100 rpm up to 2,000 rpm, with amplitude of 2 mm. An automatic start-up enables a slow start without spilling of samples. Ideally suited for 96 and...Continue reading


The Kube™ is our fully automated, robotic friendly thermal plate sealer. With more than 15 years experience in the development of plate sealing technologies, our development engineers poured all their knowledge and experience into making this a truly robust and...Continue reading


Next generation thermal plate sealer – Desktop Automated Heat Applied Plate Sealing – Seals SBS format micro well plates heights from 9 to 48mm high with seal time of 0.1 to 9.9 sec. – Allows Superior seal and multiple re-seal...Continue reading