67 SiLA Products
and growing!

Beckhoff IO BC90x0

A SiLA compliant driver for digital I/O modules of Beckhoff Automation GmbH....Continue reading

WAGO I/O 750

A SiLA compliant driver for digital I/O modules of WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. This driver can also be used to control any device which needs only digital I/O signals for processing....Continue reading


A SiLA compliant driver for the Syringe Pump PSD/4 of Hamilton Bonaduz AG...Continue reading


A SiLA compliant driver for the Robot ProNEDx of Peak Robotics, Inc....Continue reading

4s3 Heat Sealer

The 4s3 heat sealer is the first sheetwise automated sealer fully integrable in a robotic environment. As a consumable, 4titude developed a seal mounted into a robust frame which allows robotic handling and positioning onto labware consumables like PCR plates,...Continue reading

CERTUS Nano Liquid Dispenser

The CERTUS Nano Liquid Dispenser sets new standards in flexibility and ease of use for complex assays in Life Science industry. Application areas are Assay Development, Primary and Secondary Screening, Genomics and proteomics research, Cell-based assays. The CERTUS is characterized...Continue reading