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Washer/Dispenser – II

The GNF Systems WDII is designed for uncompromising plate washing performance in a liquid handling device. It performs the most demanding tasks with ease, including fast, accurate, precise reagent dispensing and gentle liquid aspiration that are all user tunable. Combined,...Continue reading

infoteam SiLA PCS

SiLA PCS – Control system for laboratory automation systems Do you want to equip a system with a superordinate control function, but not require a powerful PMS/scheduler? SiLA PCS is a SiLA-compliant process control system composed of two components: Engineering...Continue reading

infoteam iLAB Framework

iLAB is a software framework providing a standards-based and intuitively operable way to monitor and visualize processes. The foundation of iLAB is a well structured data base, and iLAB is connected to other equipment in a laboratory by the means...Continue reading

Microplate Barcode Labeler (aka VCode)

The Agilent Microplate Labeler fits easily on a benchtop, while its speed allows users to achieve their aggressive throughput goals....Continue reading

Freedom EVOware

Driver to allow Freedom EVO-based systems running Freedom EVOware to both control SiLA compliant devices, and allow the EVO to be controlled as a SiLA-compliant device....Continue reading

niceLAB (SiLA Scheduler PMS)

niceLAB is a SiLA compliant scheduling software (with regard to SiLA Standards:  Process Management System PMS) developed by EQUIcon Software GmbH Jena. niceLAB enables customers to integrate laboratory devices with SiLA-Interface into automated systems without assistance of external integrators. The software-integration of devices into niceLAB...Continue reading

Xavo Lab Logistics

Xavo Lab Logistics is the sample and plate management solution for laboratories. It’s designed to store and manage logistical data of HTS and Compound Storages and integrates with registration and analytics systems to show related information in a condensed and...Continue reading