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infoteam SiLA Library

SiLA library – compliance made easy Have you got a system which is not yet SiLA-compliant and needs to be so as quickly and efficiently as possible? infoteam is one of the first SiLA specialists to offer the implementation, verification...Continue reading

infoteam SiLA PCS

SiLA PCS – Control system for laboratory automation systems Do you want to equip a system with a superordinate control function, but not require a powerful PMS/scheduler? SiLA PCS is a SiLA-compliant process control system composed of two components: Engineering...Continue reading

infoteam iLAB Framework

iLAB is a software framework providing a standards-based and intuitively operable way to monitor and visualize processes. The foundation of iLAB is a well structured data base, and iLAB is connected to other equipment in a laboratory by the means...Continue reading