Dear SiLA friends and members

We are happy to share the recording of the Second SiLA Academic User Conference with you!

On March 31. we conducted the second SiLA academic users workshop consisting of 3 short talks and discussions. Tessa Habich and Ferdinand Lange from Hannover Institute of technical chemistry presented a SiLA integration for chromatography systems. Their minimalistic Odroid Single Board Computer runs SiLA drivers inside a modular Docker container and offers a neat and easy-maintenance generic solution for SiLA automation. The second talk, from Adam Wolf (Takeda), included an introduction to mobile robotics and requirements on the various communication layers. Especially the generic ROS-SiLA bridge lends itself to numerous applications not only for mobile but also for classical pick-and-place applications. Vivid discussion were continued in the regular meeting of the SiLA Robotics Group following the workshop. Stefan Maak then presented the LARA Platform in Greifswald and the MiLA mobile robot in Berlin. The complex Lara platform had been developed over several years and was presented in the first academic user workshop, here Stefan presented the latest integration of mobile robots and an outlook towards tighter human-robot collaboration to increase rapid integration and scheduling of manual tasks where human operators can formally be addressed as SiLA Service Providers.

For those who missed the life event we added a recording of the Conference to our SiLA-Youtube channel

Agenda/Flyer: here

Youtube link: here

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