Today, we are sharing the 4th presentation recorded at the bioSASH hackathon with you! “How to secure quality and safety in the lab using open standards” by Sergey Biniaminov from HS Analysis GmbH. We hope you enjoy the content! Look...Continue reading
“Was der Computer- und Mobilgerätewelt die USB-Stecker und Gerätetreiber sind, das fehlt im Labor.” Ein interessanter Artikel von Karin Hollricher, Carl Roth:  ...Continue reading


  • Future Labs LIVE US

    Date: Nov. 15-16, 2022

    Place: N.Carolina USA

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    Date: Nov. 9, 2022

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Learn more about SiLA 2

We are excited to present our new standard

Benefits of using SiLA

Core Competencies


Connect your analytical balance to your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)


Interface your plate reader with your liquid handler


Integrate your control software with your Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)


Merge your data with John’s data from the lab next door


SiLA enables the Lab of the Future through free and open systems communication and data standards. Whether you are a scientist, an integrator, or a supplier, we help future-proof labs, offering end-to-end integration by connecting instruments to informatics systems, lab systems to each other, and people with their data.

Our Vision

Enabling technology so you can run your lab.

Setting up a lab is a breeze.
Nobody likes lab setup so the least we can do is make it easy. By eliminating custom interfacing, we make integration for any device or data system quick and simple.

Build the lab you want and we’ll sustain it.
As your lab needs change, re-use your tools across different workflows and trust that your data integrity and flow will be robust.

We’ll save you a fortune, not cost you one.
SiLA standards help reduced overall cost of ownership including initial setup, operating costs and cost due to system changes or upgrades.

 We’ll benefit you in the short term. And in the long term, too.
Beyond facilitating lab setup, SiLA enables data retention by storing information in a standard, consistent format for later processing.

Not a scientist? We help system suppliers too!
Whether you expose the SiLA interface to your customers or not, re-using SiLA components within your devices and software reduces development costs, time, and risk.

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