The SiLA Consortium

The SiLA Consortium is non-profit. It gathers life science experts and mobilizes the industry while developing free & open system communication and data standards to connect scientists with the data that matters.

SiLA and its members provide a framework for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic laboratory information. These standards define how information is transported from one system to another. Setting the language, structure and data types required for seamless integration, SiLA supports the management, delivery, and evaluation of laboratory services. SiLA is recognized as most commonly used in the world.

Working Groups

Where We Are

We are excited about the release of SiLA 2

SiLA 1.x, in partnership with the ASTM AnIML, has proven end-to-end lab integration is possible. SiLA has been implemented in countless devices and systems worldwide and AnIML has also been adopted as data standard by large and small organizations alike. Currently, SiLA is excited about the release of SiLA 2. By migrating to a state-of-the-art technology base, our community has ensured that SiLA will continue to enable labs of the future for decades.

Where We Are Going

We will continue to grow the SiLA 2 ecosystem

After successfully releasing SiLA 2, we now are witnessing more and more adoptions of the SiLA 2 Core and Features in the marketplace. The SiLA community continues to maintain the standard and to develop new Features. SiLA also actively continuous growing FAIR data by developing new AnIML data techniques for lab automation workflows.

How We Operate

Working Groups

SiLA’s Working Groups are comprised of dedicated volunteers from our global Member community who collaboratively develop and continually maintain SiLA’s standards.

SiLA-related Initiatives

SiLA-related Initiatives are collaborative projects driven by subsets of SiLA Members and non-Members and may be special implementations or applications of the SiLA standards. The SiLA Board of Directors helps facilitate these projects.

Active Working Groups


SiLA 2 Standard

Daniel Juchli
Wega Informatik

Adan Wolf

SiLA Robotics Working Group

Ádám Wolf

Tim Meyer

SiLA Automation Suite

Tim Meyer
Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

SiLA’s working groups are comprised of dedicated volunteers from our global Member community who collaboratively develop and continually maintain SiLA’s standards.

Board of Directors

An elected subset of SiLA’s Corporate Members


Oliver Peter
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
President / Head of SiLA Conference / Chair URC


Patrick Courtney
Director / Head of Events and Fundraising

Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer
Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

TE-Portrait-Jason-105 lores

Jason Meredith
Tecan Schweiz AG
Director / Head of Administration



Erwin Althof
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Chief Financial Officer / Head of Member Care

Rob_Harkness (1)

Rob Harkness
Biosero Inc.
Director / Deputy SiLA Conference / Admin


Burkhard Schaefer
Director / Head of Partner Management

Adan Wolf

Adam Wolf

Mark Auty

Mark Auty

Andreas Traube IPA

Andreas Traube
Fraunhofer IPA


Daniel Juchli
Wega Informatik AG
Director / Chief Technology Officer


Tom Kissling
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Director / Head of New Member Acquisitions

James Love

James Love
Novo Nordisk


Working On SiLA 2

SiLA 2 Core Specification

We develop and maintain the Core for lab system communication. The SiLA 2 specification specifies interoperability schemes that allow laboratory devices and services to communicate with each other. It also defines the process of further developing the standard and its assets.

SiLA 2 Features

We also develop and maintain individual SiLA 2 Features which allow systems in the lab (such as devices, instruments, LIMS, ELN or other IT systems) to interface with each other uni- or bi-directionally. Features for different areas or specific vendors are developed in parallel across many Working Groups .

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