SiLA-related Initiative

A SiLA-related initiative is a collaborative project driven by a subset of SiLA Members or non-Members with some relation to the SiLA standards. The initiative may be a special implementation or application of the standards.



SiLA Board of Directors

Moderates / initiates / stimulates the initiative and offers the SiLA consortium organization and its standards. SiLA’s Chief Technical Officer will ensure that the standards are updated or modified by the respective working groups from feedback produced by the initiative.

Initiative Proposer

is any SiLA Member or non-Member proposing an initiative.

Initiative Steering Committee

SiLA Members or non-Members who are responsible to define the mission, scope, technical level goals/actions/priorities, organization and financial plan for the initiative.


Proposing an Initiative

Proposals can be submitted to the SMC by any SiLA Member or non-Member. Proposals can be sent to Proposals contain:

  • Mission of initiative
  • Scope
  • Actions/Priorities including project plan and deliverables
  • Organization
  • Financial plan detailing funds to realize the initiative
  • Minimum number of participants


Approval Process

After submission to and review by the SMC, the initiative will be proposed to SiLA’s Core Members. The proposal must have at least a SiLA Core Member supporting the initiative to be approved. Once approved, SiLA will facilitate participation by the rest of the SiLA consortium.


Kick-off Meeting

Once the initiative is approved and the minimum number of participants is obtained, SiLA’s SMC will organize the first kick-off meeting with all participants of the Initiative Steering Committee. The initiative is formally started.


Duties of Steering Committee

  • Mandates a project manager to run the project
  • Is responsible for outcome, deliverables and timelines of the initiative
  • Reports monthly to the SiLA/SMC about the progress to ensure a sound exchange of information into the SiLA community.
  • Provides feedback to improve the standards through the SiLA working groups
  • Reports to SiLA when the initiative is completed; provides a final report.


Duties of SiLA

  • Moderates all active initiatives to ensure that synergies are created where reasonably possible.
  • SiLA will stay apprised of the developments of all initiatives by staying in conversation with the appointed Steering Committee leader.

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