With the release of SiLA 2, the training we offer is now split up into Training for SiLA 1.x and Training for SiLA 2.

SiLA 2

Training courses for SiLA 2 will be available soon.

SiLA 2 Training Overview

Course   Content  Precondition  Duration  Costs
SiLA 2-BAT: Basic Introduction to the Core Standard/Feature Framework & implementation of “Hello World” None 1 day Please ask for more information
SiLA 2-ADT: Advanced Implementation of Features, Use of Features, SiLA Discovery SiLA 2-BAT 2 days Please ask for more information
SiLA 2-FDT: Feature Designer Guidelines, Rules of designing Features, Community / Balloting process SiLA 2-ADT 2 days Please ask for more information
SiLA 2-TET: Teacher Become a SiLA 2 tutor, mentor or teacher SiLA 2-FDT 5 days Please ask for more information

We will also offer inhouse Trainings at your site.

Please ask for a specific offer serving your needs.

SiLA 1.x

SiLA Device Control and Data Interface Specification (DCDIS) Trainings for SiLA 1.x

Course   Content  Precondition  Duration  Costs
Basics Introduction into concept & principles of the DCDIS Background about device interface technologies 1 day 600 EUR
Developer Implementation of device control and data interfaces SiLA DCDIS Basics 2 day 950 EUR Total for both days
Certified Developer (Optional) Written Test Entire Course Content 90 minutes (incl. in day 3) 1000 EUR*

* The Certified Developer test is free of charge for SiLA Core and Supporting Members.

We also offer 3 days inhouse Training (Basics and Developer) at your site.

Price 5,000 EUR incl. all Training documents, 8-10 participants. Expenses such as travel, travel time, hotel and meals for the Trainer will be charged additionally. Please ask for a specific offer serving your needs.

Content Overview DCDIS Basic

  • Goals and benefits of the SiLA Device Control and Data Interface Standard („DCDIS“). Concept and Overview of SiLA Device Classes.
  • SiLA Setup. Topology of a SiLA system, integration levels and and applications of the SiLA DCDIS standard. Elements and differentiation of the SiLA DCDIS standard.
  • State of the art base technology for SiLA DCDIS: XML & Webservices. DCDIS concept according to the ISO OSI levels.
  • SiLA Commands. Base structure and usage of SiLA Commands and Parameters. SiLA Command Dictionary, Mandatory Commands and Common Commands for SiLA Device Classes. Implementation of Specific Commands.
  • Principles of Event- and Data Handling. Status Event, Response Event, Data Event, Error Event. Base Data Types, Type Security, Complex Data Types, Data Ranges. Usage of AniML for SiLA Data Exchange.
  • Communication Pattern. Telegram flow to support synchronous commands, asynchronous commands, error handling, queuing of commands, parallel execution, simulation of commands and timeouts.
  • State Machine. The heart of the SiLA interface.
  • Discovery. How to set up and adjust a SiLA network.
  • Security. Implementation of secure data exchange.
  • Configuration options. Difference in Device and Interface Configuration.
  • Tests and certification. Validation requirements and guidelines for SiLA certified products.
  • Outlook: SiLA, a living and expanding standard. Planned extensions of the DCDIS and related standards.