„Deep Dive Workshop“ on March 13th, 13.30-16.30pm, Milano/Italy, in coordination with the PLA® Conference Europe.

Sign up now for this special session and learn all about „Instrument Connectivity and Data Management at scale using Standards“:

Objectives of this session: This deep dive workshop aims for preparing you for the application of laboratory digitization on a large scale through the use of data and communication standards.

You will learn about:
– How the application of scalable patterns can accelerate your digitization efforts. This includes instrument connectivity and data management using the SiLA and AnIML standards.
– How to collect data from instrument PCs in an analytical or biological laboratory and store it in a secure central location.
– How data can be integrated into leading systems such as LIMS and ELN to reduce manual transcription.
– How to apply the FAIR principles to your data to maximize its value.

As you go through these points, you will understand the role of data and communication standards in facilitating this process.

The session will begin with an overview of SiLA and AnIML standards. We will then explore the use of repeatable patterns to apply laboratory digitization at scale and conclude with a live session using real instruments.

Who should benefit:
Departments: R&D, Lab Operations & Management, Manufacturing, Quality, Data Science, Digitalization/IT
Roles: Head, Leader, Manager, Scientist

We look forward to welcome you at the conference!