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Supported Features: DispenserController

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Supplied by: i-gripper

Availability: Released

Release Date: 31.01.2019

Price: free at SLAS 2019

Technical Data

Linux iso Image 4GB on an SD card  Runs on Raspberry Pi Zero with FTDI based USB to serial converter. Supports java based SiLA Servers



Get the real plug-and-play experience with the SiLABOX and bring your old instrument back to life: control a dispenser over a wireless network, using SiLA 2 compatible control software. The SiLA 2 Converter comes loaded with the right driver and allows you to connect your instrument to your network, ready to be discovered by SiLA 2 Clients. You can (1) connect to the hotspot from the SiLABOY (2) connect to your network (3) hack the box by uploading your own code.

Kit includes open source SiLA driver for multidrop, free SiLA 2 Browser and documentation. Documentation, including list of parts to build your own, is available here.