Developing Collaborative Applications of SiLA Standards

SiLA-related Initiative

A SiLA-related initiative is a collaborative project driven by a subset of SiLA Members or non-Members with some relation to the SiLA standards. The initiative may be a special implementation or application of the standards.

Active Initiatives

SiLA 2 Implementations

SiLA is openly accepting initiatives for the development of the following projects:

  • SiLA 2 Core implementations
  • SiLA 2 Feature definitions & implementations

Previous Initiatives

Open Source SiLA Products

SiLA Driver Reference Implementation: For use as the foundation to any SiLA Device or SiLA Client, based on SiLA 1.x

SiLA Device Simulator: Provides a virtual SiLA Device to test a SiLA Client, based on SiLA 1.x

SiLA Converter for ThermoFisher Scientific MultiDrop®: Hardware base for legacy equipment, based on SiLA 1.x and SPICE

SiLA Library (SPICE): Simplifies SiLA 1.x Provider implementations

SiLA-compliant Open source Fast Intelligent Application (SOFIA): Reference implementation of a SiLA 1.x PMS Consumer

SiLA as Open Source: 

Decrease barrier to SiLA adoption by creating open source reference implementations.

Pilot Test Site Project: 

Create a SiLA testing tool which could be used for independent certification of SiLA drivers.

Our Testimonials


“Without SiLA we would continue to have increased development costs, time, and project risks for integrated systems as we deal with proprietary instruments and data interfaces.”

Inken Plitzko, Scientist, F-Hoffmann-La Roche AG


“Having a SiLA standard will allow us to have a much more modular and versatile system.”

Geoffroy Bourquin, Senior Research Expert, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd


“SiLA gives scientists more time to innovate because it makes automation possible for every lab.”

Oliver Peter, Director, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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