SiLA-related Initiative

A SiLA-related initiative is a collaborative project driven by a subset of SiLA Members or non-Members with some relation to the SiLA standards. The initiative may be a special implementation or application of the standards.

Active Initiatives

SiLA 2 Implementations

SiLA is openly accepting initiatives for the development of the following projects:

  • SiLA 2 Core implementations
  • SiLA 2 Feature definitions & implementations

Previous Initiatives

Open Source SiLA Products

SiLA Driver Reference Implementation: For use as the foundation to any SiLA Device or SiLA Client, based on SiLA 1.x

SiLA Device Simulator: Provides a virtual SiLA Device to test a SiLA Client, based on SiLA 1.x

SiLA Converter for ThermoFisher Scientific MultiDrop®: Hardware base for legacy equipment, based on SiLA 1.x and SPICE

SiLA Library (SPICE): Simplifies SiLA 1.x Provider implementations

SiLA-compliant Open source Fast Intelligent Application (SOFIA): Reference implementation of a SiLA 1.x PMS Consumer

SiLA as Open Source: 

Decrease barrier to SiLA adoption by creating open source reference implementations.

Pilot Test Site Project: 

Create a SiLA testing tool which could be used for independent certification of SiLA drivers.

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