1. Free Future Labs Live US webinar with SiLA Director Burkhard Schäfer on Automation & Workflow: What Should and Shouldn’t be Automated?
  2. SmartLab Exchange with SiLA Directors, Daniel Juchli and Burkhard Schaefer leading a panel on SiLA & AnIML
  3. Future Labs Live Conference with SiLA Director, Daniel Juchli on: Finally, your lab is automated, but have you made it connected and interoperable?


Join the free 1hour panel discussion starting at 7.15pm CET on Automation & Workflow: What Should and Shouldn’t be Automated?

Hear what SiLA Director and CEO of BSSN Software, Burkhard Schäfer, has to say about it.

Visit Future Labs Live website for registration.

First Virtual Smartlab Exchange on August 25th – 26th
Join the first 100% online Smartlab Exchange and be part of the interactive roundtables, panel discussions and plenary sessions that will be taking place.

We’re delighted that SiLA Directors, Daniel Juchli and Burkhard Schäfer are leading the panel discussion on August 26th on the topic: Applying SiLA & AnIML in the Lab of the Future – Case Studies and Lessons Learned

For more information and free registration visit the smartlab website by clicking here.

FUTURE LABS online CONFERENCE, September 28th– 29th
SiLA is going to be highly present at the online conference in September. With SiLA Directors, Patrick Courtney and Daniel Juchli as speakers and Rob Harkness and Burkhard Schäfer moderating.

For detailed information visit the following page:

Early Bird tickets (€ 250) are available for registrations before August 21st.
SiLA corporate members attend the conference FOR FREE!
The free VIP passes are limited to 2-3 people per SiLA member company.