Dear Friends of Standardized Laboratory Automation

The releases of SiLA 2 and Universal SiLA client have been major milestones for the SiLA consortium and the growing list of sila_awesome implementations evidences communities interest.

For expert users GitLab and GitHub provide rich resources for own adaptions and implementations, non-expert user may, however, be overwhelmed by installation- and configuration options.

Giving scientists a way to test SiLA in their own lab and at the same ease as one can run free trial software could greatly help to establish SiLA as a standard.

This requires a well-chosen collection of pre-configured SiLA Implementations (aka apps) and a demo-workflow wrapped inside a single-file installer.

The demo workflow should be generic and useful even in the absence of special laboratory automation hardware, e.g. guide through protocols, identify and manage samples, read labQR codes, and auto-magically document results.

To collectively brainstorm about a demo-workflow, find suitable existing and missing implementations, and to define work-packages to get it running, we would like to call for participation in the new SiLA demo working group.

Online kick-off meeting will be on January 19th, 2023, at 4pm CET.

Please sign up for the kick-off meeting via Google form or by mail at The link to the online platform will be sent to you in due time.

For questions, comments, and topics to be discussed please do not hesitate to contact our WG leader and SiLA Director, Tim Meyer, directly at or on the SiLA-Slack channel #sila_demo_wg

We look forward to meeting you in January!

Kind regards,
Your SiLA Team