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SiLABOX – Happy recipients gallery SLAS2019

Dear SiLA friends and members Have you read the article “SiLABOX give away at SLAS2019 – a great success!” in our April’s newsletter? We do not want to withhold the gallery of the happy faced recipients of the Box from...Continue reading

SiLA 2 Hackathon at wega, March 26th

The SiLA 2 community and reach of the lab automation standard is growing! On March 26, a group of experienced as well as new people to the SiLA standard gathered at wega in Basel, Switzerland. Whereas the newcomers got a...Continue reading

SiLA Newsletter 2/2019

The April’s issue of the “The SiLA Connection” newsletter is now available for download. Feature articles include: SiLA Consortium at SLAS2019 in Washington, D.C. SiLA present at SmartLab Exchange in Berlin, Germany SiLABOX give away at SLAS2019 – a great...Continue reading

Register for free and join the SiLA hackathon #14 in Berlin, Germany

Date: Friday, June 14th, 2019 Place: Technische Universität Berlin (room location to follow) This hackathon is going to be all about SiLA 2. We especially invite interested parties with no previous knowledge of SiLA to join this event. Come and...Continue reading

“SLAS EU Compound Manager Conference: “SiLA 2” is what sample managers needs in the future!

Thank you, Mark Doerr, for taking and sharing this picture....Continue reading

Strukturierte Daten im Labor – Article by Burkhard Schäfer – GIT Laboratory Journal

Dear SiLA friends and members Click here to read the article (in German) on “sustainable storage of test and device data” written by Burkhard Schäfer (BSSN Software) and published in the GIT Laboratory Journal.  ...Continue reading

SiLA 2 Hackathon (#13) – register now!

Dear SiLA friends and members The next SiLA 2 Hackathon (#13) will take place in Basel on Tuesday, March 26 (08:30 – 17:00). Detailed Agenda will be available before the event. Register for the Hackathon no later than Friday, March...Continue reading

Let us know your opinion on the SiLA 2 Release Candidate!

Dear SiLA friends and members In accordance with the bylaws, the SiLA consortium plans to ballot its members for approval of the SiLA 2 standard. You have seen the SiLA 2 release candidate of the standard (released August 2018) along...Continue reading

SiLA Newsletter 01/2019 available now!

Dear SiLA friends and members Please find January’s issue of the “The SiLA Connection” newsletter available for download. Feature articles include: Meet SiLA at SLAS2019 Article on SiLA/AnIML published in G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Closing the Loop in the Lab with Artificial Intelligence:...Continue reading

SiLA 2 Hackathon at wega – Review and sign up for the next Hackathon!

The SiLA 2 community and reach of the lab automation standard is growing! We had a big group of experienced as well as new people to the SiLA Standard at the last Hackathon on November 30. Whereas the newcomers got...Continue reading


  • Lab of the Future

    Date: Nov, 13-14

    Place: Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK

  • ELRIG UK 2019

    Date: Nov, 5-6

    Place: Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • LIMS-Forum

    Date: Oct, 22-23

    Place: Jülich, Germany

  • SiLA Conference 2019

    Date: Sept, 24

    Place: Basel

  • SiLA Hackathon (kindly sponsored by Tecan)

    Date: Sept, 20

    Place: Wiesbaden, Germany

  • BioLAGO joint hackathon workshop with SiLA and AnIML

    Date: Jul, 4

    Place: Konstanz, Germany

  • SiLA hackathon #14

    Date: Jun, 14

    Place: Berlin, Germany

  • Labvolution 2019

    Date: May, 21-23

    Place: Hannover, Germany

  • Pittcon 2019

    Date: Mar, 16-19

    Place: Philadelphia, USA

  • SSLA 2019

    Date: Mar, 14

    Place: Rapperswil, Switzerland

  • SmartLab Exchange 2019

    Date: Feb, 27-28, 2019

    Place: Berlin, Germany

  • SLAS 2019

    Date: Feb, 2-6, 2019

    Place: Washington, DC..

  • ELRIG UK 2018

    Date: Oct, 9-10, 2018

    Place: London, United Kingdom

  • MipTec / BaselLife 2018

    Date: Sept, 11-14, 2018

    Place: Basel, Switzerland

  • SiLA Conference 2018: Cloud Labs

    Date: Sept 3, 2018

    Place: MipTec, Basel

  • SLASeurope Brussels 2018

    Date: Jun, 27-29, 2018

    Place: Brussels

  • ELRIG France 2018

    Date: May, 23-24, 2018

    Place: Strasbourg, France

  • Paperless Lab Academy 2018

    Date: Mar 20-21, 2018

    Place: Milano, Italy

  • SmartLab Exchange US 2018

    Date: Feb 20-21, 2018

    Place: San Diego, CA, USA

  • SLAS 2018

    Date: Feb 3-7, 2018

    Place: San Diego, CA

  • Global Pharma R&D informatics Congress 2017

    Date: Nov 30-Dec 1, 2017

    Place: Lisbon, Portugal

  • SmartLab Exchange Europe 2017

    Date: Feb 7-8, 2017

    Place: Berlin, Germany

  • SLAS 2017

    Date: Feb 4-8, 2017

    Place: Washington, DC, USA