This year the annual SiLA conference will take a different form. We will be
organising a more compact event integrated within the main MIPTEC show.
Connectivity enables collaboration – this can mean integration of instruments,
integration of data, and more global access to services. We are just starting to see
the emergence of cloud solutions with an emphasis on connected mobile devices
and can expect to see an increasing focus on “X-as-a Service” business models such
as the Cloud Laboratory or cloud-based services which facilitate sharing of
experimental workflows and results.

The theme for the SiLA conference this year is therefore “SiLA Conference 2018:
Cloud Labs”. We will have a line-up of speakers from a select group of innovative
companies who will share more information about their services, the challenges
faced and the trends they are seeing, with an emphasis on how standards could be
advantageous to all of us.

Topics in-scope for the conference include:
• Cloud laboratory services
• Workflow design and sharing
• Cloud services to support collaboration
• Use of APIs to provide services
• Role of standards for data and control

Date: September, 13th
Time: 5 – 8pm with following Apéro
Location: MipTec Basel, Room Shanghai

Number of participants is limited, so reserve your seat until August 16th, to
celebrate the Release Candidate of SiLA 2 and our 10 years anniversary with us.