Dear SiLA friends and members

Those who have been following the discussion during the last month are probably aware that that the SiLA Consortium would like to make the rich code base generated by the SiLA community more accessible to endusers, namely in environments where funds are limited.

Our code contributors and repository maintainers have already made major efforts to remove bugs and make programs as easily deployable as possible. As a next step, we would like to provide the community with an easy to use graphical frontend to our code repositories a.k.a. SiLA installer.

Find here the detailed request for proposal. If you feel motivated and competent to develop a professional, modular, and expandable software project with focus on usability and user experience please submit your proposal until 15. Of August 2023 to the SiLA board.

We look forward to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Your SiLA-Team