The SiLA 2 community and reach of the lab automation standard is growing! We had a big group of experienced as well as new people to the SiLA Standard at the last Hackathon on November 30. Whereas the newcomers got a quick start introduction and started coding their first SiLA services, the experienced group discussed and coded around hot topics in the SiLA community: Authentication and authorization, encryption and transferring of large data sets. Hackathons are a big opportunity to meet the community. Many details of the SiLA 2 standard were challenged and improved through events like hackathons.

SiLA 2 is developed using open communication protocols that are well established and defines a thin domain-specific layer on top of these, consisting of common concepts and a vocabulary / taxonomy to allow for easy accessibility, even to SMEs. SiLA 2 is currently in Release Candidate status with an anticipated Release in Q1/2019.

If you are interested to start using SiLA, contact us!