Hear Burkhard Schaefer presenting about SiLA & AnIML: Non-proprietary cloud connectivity and data management enabling digital transformation recorded at SmartLab exchange on January 27th, 2021.

Standard protocols and data formats can serve as infrastructure enablers for integration of instruments, systems, and seamless data flow. Several initiatives are gaining in this area. We review the progress of the AnIML and SiLA 2 standardization initiatives, which can provide key building blocks to establish interoperability.

SiLA 2 has added a vendor-neutral cloud-native connectivity protocol to its family of standards. This allows secure connection of an on-premise instrument to a cloud-hosted software environment. By offering an open, cloud-native approach, vendors no longer need to establish proprietary alternatives. This initiative is enabling a major push to leveraging the cloud in the lab.

While SiLA provides webservice-based communication standards for interfacing with instruments, AnIML specifies an XML-based standard data format for analytical data. This format is fully cloud-ready. It allows end-to-end documentation of laboratory experiments, and facilitates exchange of such data across the cloud.

This presentation explores the cloud connectivity capability of SiLA 2, and showcases the combination with AnIML for a global enterprise deployment for integration of chromatography data systems.

Thanks to Burkhard Schaefer and the SmartLab exchange-Team!