Membership packages

Membership Category Organisation Size / Criteria Membership Fee (annual)
Entry Fee
(one time)
Core Member Total previous-year-revenues greater than EUR 50 Million 14,000.– 14,000.–
Supporting Member Total previous-year-revenues of up to EUR 50 Million or less 7,000.– 7,000.–
Start-up Member Total previous-year-revenues less than EUR 5 Million 3,500.– 00.–
Academic Member Research Organisation 3,500.– 3,500.–
Academic Contributing Member* Research Organisationforinstitutionswith an educational emphasis 00.– 00.–
Observing Member Membership for any company category. Valid for one year only. Rights&Benefits equal to Start-up Membership. 2,000.– 00.–
Personal Member Individual 00.– 00.–

*Academic Contributing Members must contribute/volunteer 100 hours a year based on deliverables in a work package to be included in the list of corporate members as well as to receive other Member benefits the subsequent year

SiLA Membership Application

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