Dear SiLA friends and members


The SiLA Consortium is looking for a proposal to specify and implement a PoC for “instrument initiated cloud connection method” or “reverse channel”.


Corporate environments generally include a regulated security policy. Modern software development makes use of cloud environments, which provides easy horizontal scaling capabilities and managed services. The establishment of a connection from a cloud-application (e.g. SiLA Client) to a local device or service (e.g. SiLA Server) is a general issue in IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Major reasons include the mentioned security aspects. A general solution for such a “reverse channel” would be a great addition to SiLA 2.


High level expectations:

  • Adaption of SiLA 2 Specification
  • Implementation of a proof-of-concept


Have we raised your interest? Further detailed information can be found here.


Please submit your proposal by mail to the SiLA Office no later than August 31sth, 2020, according to the requirements as indicated in the online document.


We look forward to hearing from you!