Dear SiLA friends and members

The SiLA Consortium is looking for a proposal to specify and implement an open source universal SiLA Client.

In the SiLA ecosystem, it is essential to interact with equipment and service components in a manual and interactive fashion. Based on the diversity of operating systems and device types (e.g. smartphones, tablets or ordinary personal computers), a platform-independent architecture is desired. Further detailed information can be found here.

 High level expectations:

  • Create an open source and publicly available universal interactive SiLA Client. The universal SiLA Client must fully support the SiLA 2 Release 1.0 standard and as well the upcoming SiLA 2 Release 1.1.
  • The application must be able to run by people with low IT affinity.

Have we raised your interest? Further detailed information can be found here.

Please submit your proposal by mail to the SiLA office no later than April 16th, 2021, according to the requirements as indicated in the online document.

We look forward to hearing from you!