Dear SiLA friends

Ready to win a SiLA Observing Membership?
SiLA is giving away one-year Memberships, each worth € 2’000 along with a chance of a presentation slot at the upcoming SLAS2023 (if you are present) and marketing opportunities through our social media channels and newsletter.
How to enter the contest:
Step 1: Fill out the google form with your contact details and tell us your story (a few lines in advance)
Step 2: Send us your story approximately 350 words by mail to
The best stories will be selected by a jury of three SiLA Directors and even if your story is not going to win a membership, you and your team will be rewarded with “speak SiLA to me”-shirts.

Deadline: November 15th, 2022

What is a SiLA Observing Membership? Our one-year limited Observing Membership comes with the rights and benefits of a Start-up Membership. This special membership offers a first glance on how the standard can benefit their business.

For detailed information find the SiLA bylaws on our website: or contact

How can we benefit from a Membership? Joining SiLA as a corporate member gives you a voice in our SiLA Standard Working Groups to increase and develop the standard suiting your organisational needs. As a member you will get continuous access to all our resources and help to define the next generation of lab automation standards. A membership also gives you the chance to generate new contacts and new business opportunity!

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