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Put reliability and speed to your thermal stability tests of formulations. The LabFreezer device offers major advantages in stability testing with a total temperature range between 120° Celsius and -80° Celsius and cool-down rates of -5° Celsius per minute down...Continue reading

On-Deck-Thermal-Cycler ODTC(R) 96/384

inheco offers their On-Deck-Thermal-Cycler as an easily integrated, SiLA-compliant device for your thermal cycling, heating, and cooling needs.  Product data sheet is attached.  Benefits include: Dedicated on-deck cycler Top thermal performance Very fast runs Horizontal lid movement Ultra-compact design VCM(R)...Continue reading

Multi TEC Control – MTC

The Multi TEC Control (MTC) is a compact plug & play temperature and RPM controller for the use with CPAC, HeatPAC, Heated Lid and temperature controlled shaking devices. The high accuracy controller includes a touch screen, a wide range power...Continue reading