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a4S Automatic Heat Sealer

Our new a4S Automatic Heat Sealer provides a number of breakthrough advantages: – First fully electronic heat sealer, no need for pressurized air supply – SiLA compatible drivers, plug-and-play robotic integration possible – Unrivalled sealing performance and consistency – Unrivalled...Continue reading


4titude’s® 4LAB™ is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume liquid handling. It comes as a one channel or 8channel small footprint system.  It has been specifically designed for pipetting low volume assays with high precision in molecular biology and assay screening.   It...Continue reading

4s3 Heat Sealer

The 4s3 heat sealer is the first sheetwise automated sealer fully integrable in a robotic environment. As a consumable, 4titude developed a seal mounted into a robust frame which allows robotic handling and positioning onto labware consumables like PCR plates,...Continue reading