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Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset (Deft) is your first step onto the digitalisation ladder and big data. Aimed at the bench scientist, Deft provides the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations. https://www.appliedst.co.uk/deft  ...Continue reading


The PHERAstar® FSX is the gold standard microplate reader for high-throughput screening, combining the best sensitivity with fast read times. The PHERAstar FSX is a filter-based multi-mode reader with the following detection modes: absorbance, fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET), fluorescence polarisation,...Continue reading


Put reliability and speed to your thermal stability tests of formulations. The LabFreezer device offers major advantages in stability testing with a total temperature range between 120° Celsius and -80° Celsius and cool-down rates of -5° Celsius per minute down...Continue reading

AIM Scheduling Framework

apartis has nearly two decades’ experience designing and developing custom commercial system software for laboratory automation systems.  Many of these systems require software scheduling functionality and business logic to juggle flexible workflow definition and optimization of a myriad of laboratory...Continue reading

SiLAConverter v2

Do you want to add/sell a SiLA interface to your existing device, perhaps to test the market first before fully integrating SiLA within your product? Surely charging for a piece of hardware is an “easier sell” than charging for yet...Continue reading

SPICE (SiLA Provider Implementation Community Equipment)

Do you want to sell a user-friendly device with a SiLA interface, such that the end user doesn’t have to install additional software (like a driver) just to connect the device to the network and start using it? Do you...Continue reading

SOFIA – OpenSource SiLA Consumer

SOFIA is an open source, cross-platform project that was developed as a proof-of-concept for the SiLA core principles: the “Lab of the Future”, a rapid innovation ecosystem connecting devices and people, and exchanging knowledge. SOFIA facilitates the future open source...Continue reading

SiLA Driver Development Kit

SiLA driver development has never been faster and more simple!  In only a few hours, even a basic programmer can build a SiLA driver using this easy Driver Development Wizard.  Simply choose the SiLA device class, copy and paste the...Continue reading

Washer/Dispenser – II

The GNF Systems WDII is designed for uncompromising plate washing performance in a liquid handling device. It performs the most demanding tasks with ease, including fast, accurate, precise reagent dispensing and gentle liquid aspiration that are all user tunable. Combined,...Continue reading